Paper Plate Wreath

Both girls have been begging me to craft with them lately... must be due to the small decline in crafting while we were living with Grandma & moving. I'm not nearly as organized as I was in the last house but we're getting closer. For now, being slightly unorganized makes the whole process a bit more challenging!

Yesterday we made Paper Plate Wreaths... it ended up that each of the girls crafted a slightly different wreath than the other, so I'll post them as seperate posts instead of one long post. Here is M1's wreath...

Supplies- Paper Plate (with center cut out), Green Paint, Paint Brush/Sponge, Red, Yellow & Orange Construction Paper, Red Buttons, Sequence, Etc., Small Piece if Ribbon, Scotch Tape, Glue, Scissors.
1. Paint the paper plate green. Allow a few mintutes to dry.

2. While drying, gather all of your wreath decorations... we used small red paper circles (that we cut out), red buttons, red/green sparkly pom poms & red sequence.
3. Once dry, begin glueing all of the decorations onto the wreath.

4. Cut out a small red rectangle, (Ours is 3in. by 1.5 in.) a large orange "flame" shape & a small yellow "flame." *Pictured below.

5. Assemble the flame by glueing the pieces together.
6. Fasten the flame to the back of the wreath so it shows through the middle using scotch tape.

7. Next, fasten the ribbon to the top, back of the wreath using tape as well.
8. Allow ample time to dry so your heavier objects (like the pom poms if you have them) have time to dry & they don't fall off :)
Enjoy! s.b.

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