Paper Plate Wreath 2

Here is M2's wreath...
Supplies- Paper Plate (with the center cut out), Green Tissue Paper, Red Construction Paper, Small Piece of Ribbon, Scissors, Scotch Tape & Glue

1. Cover the paper plate with glue.

2. Cut a few dozen 1 inch squares of green tissue paper. Place them in a small pile near your little one.
3. Begin placing the tissue squares all over the paper plate until it's completely covered. (Or to your little one's liking!)

4. Cut out 10-12 small red circles using the red paper.
5. Glue them around the wreath where ever you wish.

6. Trace two small hands using the red paper.
7. Cut out both hands & glue them to the bottom of the wreath facing down for the "ribbon."
8. Attach a small piece of ribbon (for hanging) to the back of the paper plate with scotch tape.
Done! A cute little holiday decoration for your own home or to give as a cute home-made gift!
Enjoy! s.b.

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