Juice Bottle Bug House

If M1 wasn't so afraid of bugs this would be a great project.
I may have to craft it with her & give it a try because I think having bugs in a container to watch would be right up M2's alley. She's not nearly as girly as M1 is. My hope is that if the bugs are contained M1 won't freak out as much. It is ridiculous how much she hates bugs...definitely takes after her mom, the only difference is the bugs I'm terrified of are much bigger & much uglier (centipedes)!!  Fingers crossed... I have yet to see one here in our new town. Sounds like they aren't as big of an issue here... Hooray!
Here are the directions...Juice Bottle Bug House
I'll post pics once we actually make ours...Bugs aside, I think the girls will enjoy collecting all the bug "food" and sticks to create the bug home.
Have fun & enjoy! s.b.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today... glad to meet you. You have some fun ideas over here! :)

    Love the letter project and I've been thinking about a fabric covered headboard for our guest room, too!