Canvas Painting...

What a cute project. I've seen this done a few times & I look forward to having M1 & M2 create some masterpieces of their own for our new house in a few months. These pictures are of a friend of mine & her two little ones "A" & "E." How cute are they painting their canvas?! She purchased all of her supplies @ Michaels for pretty cheap...around $15.00. You can't find art that inexpensive & personalized by your little ones! Thanks for sharing your pictures ladies!

Supplies- *Clean White Canvas (there are so many different sizes to choose from...your choice.), *Colored Paint (She was able to fine kid-safe acrylics too!), *Paint Brushes/Sponges, *Paper Plate/Bowl, *Some sort of polycrylic finish. (Also found @ Michaels.) *Some sort of paint shirt to prevent stained clothes.

1. Pour a small amount of paint, one color at a time, onto a paper plate or bowl.
2. Give your little ones some time to get creative & create their paintings.
(Working so hard!)
3. Once they are finished allow them to dry completely.
4. *Optional... Apply a coat of polycrylic finish over the top of the painted canvas to "lock" in the paint. (I've used both a brush on kind or a polycrylic finish that comes in a spray can which seemed to be a bit easier. You can apply more than one coat of polycrylic finish, just be sure to let each coat dry completely before adding another.)

So cute! I can't wait to see what M1 & M2 create for our house. "A" & "E's" will look fabulous in their newly remodeled bathroom.
Enjoy! s.b.

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