World Cup Time!!!

Our house is REALLY excited for the World Cup to start this week. One of my close friends (#15 Jay Demerit) is playing on the US Soccer team & we can't wait to watch him! It's a bit too far for us to travel right now to watch live but we've been reading articles, watching the pre-world cup games, etc. It is so fun to see him & all he's accomplished. So in honor of this rare & exciting event, the girls & I created soccer balls today.
This post is a bit lengthy. I started by creating a soccer ball with M1 & then went on & made the project a bit easier for M2.
Supplies- *Black Paint, *Black Marker, *White Construction Paper, *Cardboard (optional),*Sponge, *Craft Sticks, *Glue, *Not Pictured-Scissors & A Bowl for Paint
1. I began by creating the below pentagon template using a Word document. You should be able to right click on the image below & save it to print for your own use. 
2. Then I cut out one of the pentagons, traced it onto the sponge as seen below & cut it out.
3. Using a large piece of white construction paper, cut out a circle to be used as the ball. (I also cut out a cardboard circle the same size & glued the two circles together to make it a little less flimsy.)
4. Pour a small amount of black paint into a bowl.
5. Using the pentagon shaped sponge for dipping, have your child dip it into the bowl & coat with paint.
6. Stamp a half dozen or so pentagons onto the circle ball.
 7. Once the soccer ball is filled with pentagon stamps, allow some time for the paint to dry.
8. Once dry, use the black marker to connect the pentagons with straight lines. I definitely had to help M1 with this a bit, but once we got started she got the idea.
9. Glue the craft stick to the bottom for a handle & allow to dry. Done... with the first one, not on to M2.
Once M1 was done with her soccer ball, I gave her the print out of the pentagons & gave her a few minutes to stamp the remaining pentagons with black paint. (pictured below) It was a great activity for her to match up the sponge stamp with the shape. She really enjoyed it.
Once these pentagons dried, I cut them out & helped M2 create her own soccer ball also. Instead of stamping with the sponge, I helped her glue the cut out pentagons onto a circle of her own. She was so happy & loves to get messy with the glue.
We drew the connecting lines together, added a stick handle, let it dry & they were all set. Definitely ready to cheer on Jay during Saturday's match against England!!!
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. Oh I LOVE this idea and will be doing it with my two year old daughter tomorrow when the baby takes a nap. Things are reaching fever pitch here in South Africa, with the opening match on Friday! There are fan fests all over the show, and downtown Cape Town is being turned into a Rio cum African carnival in the evenings, since the Brazilian team will be based here in our Mother City! You are welcome to come visit at www.joyfulmamasplace.blogspot.com to see the craft foam flags we made for the event!

  2. Hi s.b. not sure if you received my reply to the comment on my blog -you are welcome to use the pics and idea!

  3. Oh that is a great project even for a little sibling to use to cheer on big sister on the soccer field. Great idea.

    How neat that you have a friend who plays on the US team. Go US!!

  4. Hi there!

    I really love this. Joyfulmama is a friend and told me about this super craft! I will be giving this a bash with my boys!

    Please pop by,
    Take care,