It's Graduation Party Season!

With the school year coming to an end there are many things on a mother's mind. For some, it's graduation! College, High School, Middle School, Elementary School or even Kindergarten/Preschool...any graduation is fun to celebrate & makes the students feel extra special.
Below is a picture that inspired a cake that I made last summer for my husband when he graduated with his Masters Degree. Instead of the date, I printed Congrats across the letters & added two chocolate grad. hats(also pictured below) in each of the top corners. I used M&M's to decorate around the edge of the cake & personalized using only his college's school colors. (A little time consuming picking through the bag to get only the colors we needed, but we also enjoyed eating the colors we didn't need for the cake!) I used Ghirardelli chocolate squares for the lettering.
In addition to the cake I also made graduation cupcakes (pic. below) that M1, M2 & I brought him at work as a surprise the Friday before his graduation. (This all took place last summer WAY before my blogging days so unfortunately I don't have a complete picture tutorial) But it was fairly easy to do- the girls & I made the cupcakes, frosted them with white frosting & then put together the grad. hats using a few sweet treats...
*Small Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for the base of the hat.
*Square Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares for the top of the hat (found @ Target in a bag w/ about 10 per package. I also used these same squares for lettering on the cake pictured above.)
*Red Hots or an M&Mmini for the button on top
*Airhead Xtreme Sour Belt Candy- cut apart for a single colored tassel.
*I used a few melted chocolate chips as the "glue" to put the hat together.
As I was browsing online this morning, I also found these adorable graduation hats HERE @ familyfun.com. The website gives complete directions on how to make the hats & the diploma snacks that are also pictured below. So cute, I wish I would have seen this last summer while we were celebrating our big graduation.
Diploma snack wraps (also featured on the familyfun link above)...so fun for little ones!
M1 & M2 would enjoy these any day, no graduation celebration needed.
Enjoy! s.b.

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