Dandelion Painting

Yes, we've got dandelions in our yard...no, my husband is not happy about it! Fortunately, we're moving in 3 short weeks so we won't have to worry about it for a while!! (I'm working hard to keep crafting in between all the packing!) But since we've got them, why not use them? M1 & M2 helped me pick a whole pile of them this weekend & then we used them as paint stamps. Very simple & very fun for both girls.

Supplies- *Various Paint Colors, *Dandelions, *White paper, *Scotch Tape, *Paper Plate
1. Tape the paper down to keep it in place & it doesn't fly away in the wind. (We did this project outside.)
2. Have your child pick which color they want to start with & put a small amount of it on the paper plate so they can dip their dandelion.
3. Repeat with other colors, using a different dandelion for each color paint.
4. Stamp as little or as much as your child would like.
5. Allow time to dry.
6. Then it's up to you...leave the prints and display as is or get creative. I cut around their prints & kept their dandelion paintings to use for another project. I think I may glue them to the front of a home-made greeting card to be used as a Thank You from each of the girls.
Enjoy! s.b.


  1. My girls totally have this obsession with dandelions! This is perfect! Thanks again.

  2. LOVE this idea!!

    I'm a new visitor AND new follower!

  3. I shared this great idea on my blog!

    Thanks for all the great stuff and keep it coming!