Good morning! This morning I'm posting a simple craft that can be done however you please. Definitely let your child use his/her imagination on this one. M1 just happened to request a house when we made ours, so I assisted her with making a stick house.

Supplies- *Glue, *Paint, *Craft Sticks, *Large White Paper, *Small Colorful Paper/Magazine Scraps
1. We began by gluing the craft sticks to the paper where we wanted them & in the shape of a house and tree.
2. Once they were glued down, M1 went ahead & painted the sticks, a sun & the tree.
3. After painting, I helped her choose all the green pieces of scrap paper she could find. Once she had a nice pile, she glued the scraps onto the tree as leaves.
4. Using the scraps again, we found a door, window & a small chimney.
Very simple, yet fun art activity for kids of all ages. It could be as basic as just gluing sticks to the paper & painting them. Craft sticks have ooodles of uses!
Enjoy! s.b.

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