Earth Day Coffee Ground Fossils

I'm going to continue with at least one more Earth Day project this week (if not more). I think it's ok since we should be doing things to help the environment all year round, right?!! This project is a messy one that reuses coffee grounds & a 1/2 cup of leftover coffee. I found this one HERE @ Kaboose.com. Definitely caught my interest & is completely different from anything we had ever done w/ M1 & M2. We read over the directions & then chose to do our own thing, so ours are not exactly like the ones on Kaboose. They turned out great & it was a super fun activity for the girls.

Supplies- *Salt, *Coffee Grounds, *1/2 Cup Coffee, *Wax Paper, *Large Bowl, *Spoon, *Flour, *Measuring Cup, *Cookie Cutters or Objects to Press into the Fossil
1. Stir the together 1 c. coffee grounds, 1/2 c. cold coffee, 1 c. flour, and 1/2 c. salt.
M1 enjoyed all the measuring & mixing.
2. Lay out a large piece of wax paper.
3. Once mixed well, grab large portions of the mixture & flatten like a pancake. Lay the pancakes onto the wax paper.
4. Then you're ready to start creating your fossils. We started by making one with M1's hand.
It got quite messy, but it was so fun. Luckily, it was very nice out & we were able to do this all outside!

5. If you choose to do a hand print, great! If not, go ahead & use your cutters & random objects to press into the dough to create fossils.
We used a few animal cutters that were part of our Play Doh collection, but you could use anything...small animal figurines, coins, rocks, etc. M2 even got to participate! Her little hand is pictured below.
6. Allow time to dry & set. We let ours sit out for an entire day & they dried well. M1 has been playing with them outside. She enjoys hiding them & then searching for her fossils.
Enjoy! s.b.
p.s. We are in the process of selling our home & relocating due to a job change for my hubby. Why tell you this??! I'm apologizing in advance if there are weeks that I'm not posting as much as usual. Hopefully we're settled soon & it's a smooth process! We've done some packing already but the crafting stuff will be the last to get boxed up!

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