TIme for a Break...

Hi All,
So sorry for not posting sooner. It's been a crazy summer here with the addition of little M3 (she's doing so well & growing fast) & all kinds of summer fun. With that, I've decided to take a little break from s.b.creatively. I hope to be back, but I have been so busy with my photography that it's given me so little time to photograph/blog our craft time. I've been swamped with photo shoots & editing, but I'm pretty sure that my photo sessions will slow down quite a bit once this beautiful weather goes away. Once that happens, we hope to get back on the bandwagon asap!
Until then, keep using the s.b.creatively archives to find fun crafts for the upcoming seasons/holidays. (Click on the links on the far right side of the page for fun past crafts.) 
Hopefully everyone has had a great back to school experience. Enjoy my favorite & most beautiful season of the year... FALL!
Be back soon...

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