Envelope Bunnies

Only a few short days until Easter arrives. After a week of baby shower planning (I hosted a shower yesterday.) we're back into Easter mode. This cute idea comes compliments of Martha Stewart and her fabulous website. M & M each made their own Envelope Bunny & they turned out oh, so cute!

Supplies- Glue, Envelope, Scissors, Pink/White/Black Construction Paper, Crayon/Marker, Small Pom Pom.
1. Seal the flap of the envelope. (Gotta love that big tongue!)
2. Draw bunny ears on the sealed side of the envelope, as shown below.
3. Cut out the bunny ears, following the lines drawn above.
4. Use an opposite color construction paper to cut out small ear shaped inserts for the middle of the ears. (For example, we used white inside ears for the pink bunny & pink insides for the white envelope bunny.)
5. Cut out two small black construction paper eyes for each bunny envelope you're doing.
6. Glue the construction paper ear middles onto the envelope ears...
Press down to secure....
7. Glue the black eyes into place.
8. Place a large dab of glue in place of the nose. Set the pom pom onto the glue & allow a few hours to dry.
9. Draw the bunny mouth under the pom pom nose using a crayon or marker. (We did manage to draw the mouth while the glue under the nose was still wet. You could wait to do this step until the nose is completely dry....might be a bit easier!)
10. Once the nose is completely dry fill the bunny pocket with the pretend Easter grass...
And treats of course!

I think these little envelope bunnies would make the cutest little classroom treats. A great alternative to baskets that I'm sure any little one would be delighted to receivce!
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. You can add to the project by letting kids make their own envelopes first (and be creative with the paper). Just open up an envelope the size you want, and use it as the pattern for cutting out your own envelope. Use tachy glue or rubber glue to put it together. Very simple and adds to the creativity and fun.