Fat Tuesday Baking/Treat Idea...

It's Fat Tuesday & why not make something to celebrate. Doesn't this look delicious?
I found the recipe for this traditional Mardi Gras Kings Cake here @ Allrecipes.com 
I remember making one in school when I was young, complete with the plastic baby inside & all!
Give it a try...

It looks absolutely delicious & the girls would love it.
BUT, it does seem like a lot of work... the girls would only eat a small piece & I'd probably end up eating the entire thing myself! Not what I need being 7 months pregnant!!!

So a much easier Kings Cake alternative (the one that I'll definitely sign up for this afternoon after nap time) would be to make a quick stop at the grocery store & pick up a plain glazed donut for each child...
Once at home I'll whip up some easy powdered sugar frosting (a mixture of powdered sugar & water), separate the frosting into three dishes & color it green, yellow & purple. Then M1 & M2 can spread the green, purple & yellow icing onto their donuts themselves.(Alternating colors) I picture it to look somewhat like this...
Much easier & hands on for the girls as well!
I decided to post the idea using existing pictures from the web so you could give it a try as well. If I wait until I photograph M1 & M2 making them this afternoon it would be a bit late & Fat Tues. would be long over...
         I'm looking forward to surprising the girls with this Kings Cake treat later, I think they'll really enjoy      
it & I know it will taste great!
I also hope it turns out as planned in my head :)
Enjoy! s.b.

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