Presidents Day Finger Puppets

Happy Presidents Day. I got this fun idea from kaboose.com while browsing through they president themed crafts. M1 doesn't really get the idea of Presidents Day, but she sure did like the finished puppets! They sure make a cute Abe Lincoln & George Washington...

Supplies- Glue, Blue.White.Black Construction Paper, Scissors, Tape, Markers, 1 Quarter & 1 Penny.

1. Cut two 3 1/2 inch by 7-8 inch rectangles. One blue & one black.
2. Roll the paper up (one @ a time) making sure that your little one's pointer finger can fit in the roll.
3. Tape the rolls shut along the edges.
4. Place a small loop of tape about 1/2 inch away from the top of each roll.
5. Place the penny & quarter (heads up) over the tape until secured.
6. Cut a small blue triangle & a 1 inch long black rectangle.
 7. Glue the blue triangle onto the top of the roll overlapping the top quarter. Glue the black rectangle on top of the black roll overlapping the top of the penny.
8. Cut a small long, narrow triangle & draw a small "bow" along the top. Glue under Abe Lincoln's head, aka the penny.
 9. Glue a small piece of a cotton ball below the quarter on the "breast" of George Washington.

10. Allow ample time to dry. We layed ours face down as shown below.
And time to play....
Happy Presidents Day!! Enjoy. s.b.

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