We LOVE to Make Cards....

In our house we LOVE to make homemade cards for any occasion. While the girls do enjoy making the cards, they find way more excitement when they actually get to give them to someone. In fact, M1 didn't even want my grandma to take the card home that she made below. For some reason she felt attached to this one! It's a lot of fun & I think most of our recipients are overjoyed to have a card made by the girls.
Supplies - *Construction paper, Stickers, Glue, Markers, Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, etc. (Basically whatever you wish.)
1. I usually have my girls decorate the inside of the card first. It makes it easier to let whatever we decide to put on the front have time to dry in the end.
I write a personal message & they go to town with the markers, stickers, foam pieces & so on.
2. Once the inside is all done, you can go ahead & start decorating the front of the card.
For this particular "birthday" card, we decided to make a few flowers using pipe cleaners & pom poms. (As seen below) M1 LOVES to glue anything right now, so this was a perfect card for her to make.
3. Adding the pom poms & foam leaves.
4. Allow to dry. (I obviously took this before the drying time. I wanted to make sure I got a shot of it before it went home with Great Grandma!)
M2 getting creative making her birthday card...
Another one of our card creations... My little sister got engaged on Labor Day, so hung up the phone & got to work so we'd have a card for them by the time they got to our house to celebrate.
I did all the cutting & let M1 glue all the pieces of the cake & the ring together. She did a great job!
Just a quick sample of a few of our card creations....
Enjoy! s.b.
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