Paper Bowl Turtle

As many of you know, we recently went from city living to living with my parents (temporarily) in the country. It's a HUGE change for our family but the girls just love it. For the first time, they are able to run free & do a lot of exploring. Yesterday, we went for a long walk & passed by a small creek. While looking around at the water, we spotted a huge snapping turtle near the side of the road. M1 & M2 thought it was just sooo cool & wanted to do nothing but pick it up and play with it. Ummm.. NO! So we quickly took another look & went on our way. Later in the afternoon, I decided to help them make a turtle.
Supplies- *Green & Brown Paint, *Scissors, *2 Craft Sticks, *Paper Bowl, *Small Piece of Brown Paper/Cardboard, *Google Eyes, *Glue, *Opt.-Sequence & Green Tissue Paper
1. Paint the bowl green & the two craft sticks brown.
2. Decorate the "shell" however you wish. M1 really wanted to add sequence & then I also got out small tissue paper scraps for her to glue on for a little texture.
3. Use the brown paper to cut out a rounded head.
4. Glue on the google eyes.
5. Back to the craft sticks. Cut each of the brown craft sticks in half & glue them to the underside of the bowl for legs.
6. Glue the head into place.
7. Allow some time to dry & you're done. M1 & M2 have been playing with theirs all day. M2's is falling apart & missing a leg already but she doesn't care at all.
Enjoy! s.b.

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