Cork Stamp Basketball

We're down to the wire with all of this March Madness Basketball & tonight is the big game. M1 & M2 have enjoyed many basketball games with Dad over the past few weeks. A few too many for my liking! Even though I'm almost all basketballed out, to keep with the spirit we had to make time to create a basketball.

Supplies: *Orange Construction Paper, *Black Paint, *Marker, *Scissors, *A Cork

To Begin - 1. Cut out a large circle using the orange paper.
2. Draw the basketball lines on with your marker. The lines will be the guide once your child starts stamping. (Picture #2 shows the lines if you've forgotten what they look like.)
3. Pour a small amount of black paint into a bowl. Allow your child to begin "stamping" along the black lines using the cork as the stamper. Continue until all four lines are covered with stamped circles.
4. Allow to dry & display.
Have fun watching the game tonight if you're a fan.
Enjoy! s.b.

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