Barefoot Chick

This adorable little chick was a nap-time craft yesterday. I'm helping a friend by watching their 4month old daughter twice a week. Yesterday, while M1 & M2 were napping I got the idea to paint her tiny foot yellow & somehow make it into a chick. (Sorry, no tutorial here... no extra hands to take pictures during this one!!)
But, it turned out pretty cute. It was very quick & easy, a foot stamp, two dot eyes with a permanent marker, a tiny triangle beak, (a small square folded in half) and we were done. In the end it probably took about 5 minutes with a little drying time in between. I cut it out into an egg shape & glued it on to a cute piece of pink polka dot piece of paper. A pretty fun keepsake from her first Easter!
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. This is too cute! Saw your blog on Ucreate and thought I'd pop over!