Crazy St. Patty's Day Hat & Lunch...


We made it to the park today.... yes, it was 60 degrees & beautiful! But it looks like it's just a tease, by Sunday we're supposed to see snow again... sigh. Earlier today while enjoying our time outdoors at the park, we saw a boy with a green St. Patrick's Day hat on. It was one of those thin plastic ones that resembled a top hat. When M1 saw the hat she wanted it so badly.  I resolved the issue by telling her that when we got home we could make a St. Patricks Day hat of our very own. This is what we came up with. (Not our best work, but she was fairly excited about it.)

Supplies- *White & Green Construction Paper, *Glue, *Green Paper Scraps/Magazine Scraps, & Stickers (for decorating) *1 Green Pipe Cleaner (Not picutred), *Shamrock Cookie Cutter (for tracing), *Tape, *Scissors, Green Marker and/or Crayon

To Begin- 1. Fold the green paper in half (to create two shamrocks) & trace the cookie cutter. (Pic #2) Cut out the shamrock.
2. Cut the pipe cleaner in half & tape the ends to the back of each shamrock. (Pic #3) Set aside.
3. Using the white paper, cut out a long rectangle (About 3-4 inches wide). My paper was not long enough to fit around M1's head so I attached another piece to the end using tape to make it the right length.
4. Give your child a few minutes to decorate the long rectangle. (Pic #4) M1 chose to draw all over the paper first & then begin gluing on all of the green scraps we came up with. We had stickers, random green magazine clippings & some green foam hears that we made into a shamrock. Allow some drying time before moving on to step 5.
5. Using the tape, fasten the rectangle into a circle that fits on/around your child's head.
6. Tape the pipe cleaners onto the inside front of the hat & you're done! Enjoy.

And....Here is a quick glimpse of M1's green lunch from today. We pretty much started celebrating late this morning right after creating the festive hat. Seeing her excitement wearing the hat around, I decided to go ahead & make her a green lunch... complete with green milk, a shamrock sandwich (cut out using our cookie cutter), green pear & some edamame. We'll continue tomorrow morning with shamrock shaped pancakes & green milk again (It was a hit... so tomorrow morning I'll be able to make it a bit darker green. I held back this afternoon not knowing what she'd think of it.). We're also planning on making green rice krispy treats tomorrow to keep the celebration going. Sounds delicious!

Check back later this week for an early Earth Day Post...

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