Cereal Box Easter Basket

We're definitely in full Easter mode here @ our house. M1& M2 are looking forward to two Easter Egg hunts while visiting their Grandma this coming weekend. Which brings me to my first Easter project. Who would know this cute little creation was made using a cereal box? M1 has been carrying her Easter basket around for days, gathering all sorts of things. The grass is all over the house & it has surprisingly M2 has not demolished it just yet! This project involves a few "mom" steps & leaves the decorating & filling for the little ones. (As always, depending on the age of your child, you can make this as assisted or independent as you wish.)

Supplies- *Cereal Box, * Scissors, *Wrapping paper (with white on the unprinted side), *Glue, *Easter/Spring Stickers, *Pastel Paper, *Patterned Paper Scraps, *Scotch Tape *Small Egg Cookie Cutter (opt.), *Bright Colored Foam Shapes (also, opt.)
Begin- 1. Cut the cereal box in half, making it as deep or shallow as you wish. The bottom half of the box works best as a basket since it has not been opened.
2. Wrap the bottom of the box with the wrapping paper & tape, (printed side in) leaving a blank box to decorate. (Pictured above & below) If you have cute pastel printed wrapping paper, that too would make a cute background to decorate. It doesn't have to be white, just what I had.
3. Cut a long strip of any solid colored paper to use as the handle. (approx. 1 1/2 in.) I fastened a skinnier piece of patterned paper on top of the solid to dress up the handle a bit.
4. Secure the handle to the inside outer sides of the box using scotch tape.
5. Now this is where I used the patterned paper scraps & the cookie cutter. I traced & cut out a few (4-5) different patterned eggs that M1 could use to decorate her basket. If you don't have an egg cookie cutter, you could cut them free hand.
6. Allow your child decorating time using the paper eggs, stickers, foam shapes & whatever else you wish. Markers/crayons could also be used to create some character.

7. After the decorating is complete, allow some time to dry.
8. Add grass, a few colorful eggs & you've got yourself one cute basket!
Enjoy! s.b.

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  1. Target has a lot of great stickers and scrapbooking stuff in their $1.00 section...especially easter designs.