Pearly White Smiles

Here is a quick & easy activity for young children of any age. Just vary the level of difficulty if you'd like. For instance, I did all the cutting for M1, but if you have an older child you could allow them to do the cutting on their own.
~Supplies: *Scissors, *Glue Stick, *Magazines, *Tooth Template found HERE
To Begin- 1. Cut out the tooth. (If you don't have access to a printer, you could cut out a tooth free hand.)
2. Begin looking through the magazines with your child hunting for "teeth" pictures & cut them out.
3. Once you've got a good pile going, you can go ahead & help your child glue them on. We used a glue stick for this craft to make it a little easier for M1 since the magazine clippings are so flimsy. (She rubbed the glue stick on the paper & then set the pictures on top.)

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