Handprint Menorah

Happy Hanukkah to all! The teacher in me loves to teach the girls about all kinds of Holidays, even those we may not personally celebrate. I have several Jewish friends, so Hanukkah just happens to be one that I know a little more about. This is a project I did during my preschool teaching days (A part time gig that I did while prego with M2). The finished product is just so precious...

Supplies- Blue & White Construction Paper, Blue & Yellow Paint, Paint Brush, Black Marker, Glue, Scissors.
1. Paint one little hand blue & stamp onto the white construction paper.
2. Repeat with the opposite hand being sure to overlap the thumbs (pictured below)... the menorah only needs 9 candles. Tricky when we've got 10 little fingers!

(Overlapping thumbs)
3. Use a fingertip & dip it into the yellow paint.
4. Stamp a yellow print on top of each of the 9 fingers or "candles."
5. Cut 13 small blue squares & print each letter of HAPPY HANUKKAH on each square. (As pictured below)
6. Scatter the letters in front of your little one (Assuming they are old enough for letter recognition).
 7. One by one spell out HAPPY HANUKKAH for your little one & allow them to find the correct letter in the pile.
8. Glue on each of the letters one-by-one as they find them.
 And you've got a Menorah!
 Enjoy! s.b.

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